One Happy Winter; or, A Visit to Florida


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**Warning: Some of the language or characterizations in this book are the product of the time when this book was written, and are no longer considered acceptable.**

Maggie, a teenage girl, is invited by her mother to join a family party going to Florida for the winter. The book is written as a journal as she travels with her mother, her sister, Hannah, and their relative, Greta, who is sick and in need of the mild climate, as well as a few others. They travel to St. Augustine and stay in an hotel where they meet several enjoyable characters including Mrs. Anderson and her son Dr. Anderson of Anderson Cottage (now Markland House at Flagler College), and the Plains Indians imprisoned at the Castillo in the 1870s.

Other notable local locations visited or mentioned include, but are not limited to St. George Street, the Magnolia Hotel on St. George Street (Columbia Restaurant is now where this hotel had been), the Old City Gates, and Anastasia Island.


1st edition:
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One Happy Winter; or, A Visit to Florida

Alternative Title

Happy Winter in Florida


1st edition:
Boston : Lockwood, Brooks and Company

2nd edition:
New York: Worthington Co.



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1st edition:
Robbins, Sarah Stuart. One Happy Winter; or, A Visit to Florida. New Boston: Lockwood, Brooks and Co., 1878.

2nd edition:
Robbins, Sarah Stuart. Happy Winter in Florida. New York: Worthington Co., 1888.


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