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**Warning: Some of the language or characterizations in this book are the product of the time when this book was written, and are no longer considered acceptable.**

After the death of both his parents, thirteen-year-old Jim Brady is left no choice but to give up his chances at an education and enter the workforce to support himself in 1830s Philadelphia. The only memento of his family now lies in a pair of adult-size white moccasins made for him when he was born. However, the road to adventure calls when he remembers Uncle Matt Brady is a hunter living in Florida with whom he could live, and his landlady is determined to find him an apprenticeship! Will the trek to his last known remaining relative prove too dangerous, or will he have the adventure of a lifetime amidst his journey of self-discovery? And will he adapt to a place so different and with a more diverse population of people than at home in Philadelphia?

Some of the historical personages included in the story are: General Thompson, John J. Bulow, Osceola, Tigertail (Tiger Tail), (Chief) King Philip, Wild Cat, the Dummet family, and some men with names that indicate they could be real, or, based on real, persons.

Local locations visited or mentioned in the text include the St. Johns River, the San Sebastian River, Moultrie Creek, Picolata and the road to St. Augustine, the Old King's Highway, St. George Street, the Castillo de San Marcos, the Old City Gates, Plaza de la Constitucion, the Governor's House (Governor's House Cultural Center and Museum), and the Cathedral Basilica.


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Douglas Gorsline, illustrator


White Moccasins


New York: Henry Holt and Company


Hardcover book




Action or Adventure


Florida Territory

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