Books Published in the 1950s

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Books Published in the 1950s




Below is a list of all the books known or believed to be set in or near St. Augustine from this decade. Some authors chose to rename or make-up towns or places. Books held in our collection are indicated by an asterisks (*).

* Chuck: A Story of the Florida Pinelands
Father by Proxy
* Florida Roundabout
* Forbidden Area
* Grandmother in Cellophane
Indigo Magic
Lament for the Bride
* Mirage, A Novel of the First Florida Colonies
* River in the Wind
Savage Heart: A Novel
* Seminole
* Seminole: A Drama of the Florida Indian
The Seminole Trail
* The Three Pebbles
* The Warrior
* We Merrily Put to Sea
* White Moccasins